Rock, Pop, R&B, Country, Choir, Show Tunes, and the Spoken Voice!

I specialize in voice lessons and vocal coaching, either one on one or in small ensembles. General music tutoring is also available. Sorry, NO Piano Lessons.

Singers who have a rich background and proper training in today’s vocal styles have an advantage over their competition in show choirs, live bands, auditions, and recording studios. With a myriad of techniques to draw from, these singers have a more personalized approach to their chosen genre and an increased level of confidence as a performer. While some are ‘naturals,’ good singers are usually made, not born, and great singers arrive at their pinnacle only after learning proper form.

As part of my teaching style, I work closely with my students to determine their vocal range. I strive to improve their self-esteem and confidence, and always encourage my students to perform and actively seek opportunities for them to do so. I also introduce visualization, relaxation techniques and music meditation to reduce performance anxiety and enhance the musical experience.

Consistent practice is a must because I want my students to progress and improve. You are never too young or too old to learn.

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