Laurelanne: Studio Guidelines

Research has indicated repeatedly that the study and daily practice of music has a dramatic impact on many areas of learning and growth, not to mention the intrinsic joy that it brings to one’s life. I only accept students who are committed, who come prepared for lessons, and who are cooperative about scheduling. Agreeing to be a student means agreeing to the terms of these guidelines as well. 

Private Lessons: 30-minute, 45-minute or 1-hour lessons are scheduled once a week. Additional lessons can be scheduled (as time permits) to help prepare for an important audition or show. Lessons are taught during the school year and during the summer excluding specific holidays and any planned vacations. As much notice is given as possible for any schedule changes.

* Street parking is available for students taking lessons in the home studio.

Preparedness: Students are expected to prepare their lesson material or assignments to the best of their ability. This is your homework! 

Practice Time: Expect to practice a minimum of 20 minutes each day; at least 5 days a week for 30- minute lesson students. Expect to practice a minimum of 30-45 minutes each day; at least 5 days a week for 45- and 60-minute lesson students. Make sure you include warm-ups at the beginning of your practice time. Don’t dive right into the material first. Make sure your voice is warmed up & ready to go. Remember, daily practice will yield the best results. This is the only way you will improve! 

Quality Practice: Sometimes students should be singing through a piece from beginning to end, but more often students need to isolate problem spots within a piece and work on those, always remembering to “put the music back together” in the end. Practice time should be interruption-free (i.e.: no phone calls, no TV, no computer, etc.). Ideally, practice time should be at a consistent time each day. 

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit”. Aristotle 

Attendance: Expected! Students are also expected to arrive at their lesson on time and warmed-up/ prepared if possible. Your lesson/study session time will not be extended because you are late. 

If you know you have a conflict with a specific lesson date coming up, let your teacher know as soon as possible. The amount of notice given and the reason for missing the lesson will play a role in whether you are charged or not for that lesson. If your lesson starts late due to the teacher running behind with students, your full lesson time will be given to you either that week or the next. 

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Make-up Lessons: If the teacher is not notified in advance about a lesson to be missed, the student WILL BE CHARGED for the lesson, and the teacher is not obligated to make up the lesson. If the teacher must miss a lesson, a make-up lesson will be given. 

Please give a minimum of 24-hour notice to reschedule or cancel a lesson. Remember there are other students and availability might be limited and someone else might be able to use your time if you can not. The teacher is not obligated to make up lessons canceled by the student but every effort will be made if time allows. 

Payment: Payment is expected by the last lesson of each month before the first lesson of the following month even if the student is absent. Any student not paid by the first lesson of the month may be removed from the role opening the time slot for other students. Payment is due at the time of service at the time of your lesson. There will be a fee of $5 or 5% whichever is greater for late payments. You are welcome to pay with cash or check at the studio in person or via Venmo, Apple Pay, Zelle, Ca$h app, or PayPal (friends and family only. DO NOT select goods and services). You may also mail payment to me directly:

Laurelanne Davis
2080 Federal Rd. Roswell, Ga 30075
(Please do not mail cash) 

*If you are a Take Lessons student, please follow their guidelines regarding payment and other studio policies. 

If you know you have a conflict with a lesson within the month you are paying for, please discuss it with your teacher at the time of payment & accommodations may be made. Students pay for reserving a time slot. Missed lessons will not result in a credit on future payments. I do not offer refunds.

It is not usually acceptable to cancel lessons because of a birthday party, sporting event, or other social activity. Hiring a private music teacher means devoting time to that weekly lesson and keeping absenteeism to a bare minimum. 

Accompanist: I do not accompany students. You may need to find someone to do this or a recording may be provided for practice purposes only. 

Student’s Responsibility to the Teacher:
1. Be fully prepared for each lesson. (Practice the material you have been assigned to work on.)

2. Follow guidelines pertaining to absenteeism. (Give appropriate notice.)

3. Provide documentation (calendar) of practice time each week (initialed by a parent if under 18)

4. Provide and bring a spiral notebook and your music or other materials with you to each lesson. (If needed or you may use your 3-ring binder)

5. Provide and bring a 3-ring binder with you to each lesson for handouts and sheet music. (Note: you can decorate this binder however you want)

6. Voice students should bring a voice recorder, recording, or electronic device to record each lesson. Your phone, tablet, or laptop works fine. The recording is to be reviewed during the week to assist with practicing and learning new music, warm-ups, and techniques.

7. Take notes in your spiral notebook or on the music as new ideas, songs, and/or
assignments are introduced.

8. Always make an effort.

Recitals and Performances: 

Please let me know of any performances you will be in and I will list them online. 

When possible, I schedule recitals usually lasting 1 hour to 1 1⁄2 hrs. All students perform their songs by memory in front of an audience of family, friends & other students. For some students, this is their first public performance. 

The recital will include a mix of classical, folk, pop, and musical theatre selections done with a variety of accompaniments using piano and/or guitar or an appropriate music track. The program should be varied with solos, and duets, and some students who can sing or play an instrument are encouraged to do both. 

We will also be looking for an accompanist if needed or students may accompany other students. 

*Please note, parking for the home studio is on the street so household members have access to the driveway. 

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