Laurelanne: Studio Guidelines

Research indicates study and daily practice of music dramatically impact many areas of learning and growth. With that, I only accept committed students who come prepared for lessons and are cooperative about scheduling. Agreeing to be a student means agreeing to the terms of these guidelines. 

Private Lessons: 30-minute, 45-minute, or 1-hour lessons are scheduled weekly. Additional lessons can be scheduled to help prepare for auditions or shows, tmie permitting. Lessons are taught during the school year and the summer, excluding specific holidays and planned vacations. As much notice as possible is required for schedule changes.

We are closed for July 4th, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve, New Years Day. We do not follow school Spring Break, Fall break, Winter Break, or other school break schedules.

Payment: Payment for each month is expected by the last lesson of the previous month or between the 25th of the current month and the 1st of the next month. Payment will be considered late by the 7th. Any student who hasn’t paid by the first lesson of the month may be removed from the roll, opening the time slot for other students. Payment is due at the time of your lesson. There will be a fee of $20 for late payments. A bank fee of $30 will be assessed for any returned checks. If payment is late more than once, automatic payments will be required.

Laurelanne accepts secure payments via credit card with autopay recommended. There is a 4% cash, check, or bank bill pay discount. No other payment methods are accepted.

You may also mail payment to me directly:

Laurelanne Davis
2080 Federal Rd.
Roswell, Ga 30075

(Please do not mail cash) 

New students or students doing drop-in lessons must pay in advance to reserve day and time.

If you have a conflict with a lesson within the month, please discuss it with me at the time of payment, and accommodations may be made. Students pay to reserve a time slot. Missed lessons will not result in a credit on future payments. I do not offer refunds.

Cancelations aren’t usually acceptable for last-minute social engagements or extracurricular events. Your lessons should be given the same priority as sports team practices, dance rehearsals, etc. 

* Street parking is available for students taking lessons in the home studio.

Preparedness: Students are expected to prepare their lesson material to the best of their ability. 

Practice Time:

  1. Practice 20-60 minutes each day.
  2. Include warm-ups at the beginning of your practice time.
  3. Make sure your voice is warmed up and ready to go.
  4. Remember, daily practice will yield the best results and is the only way to improve.

Quality Practice: Sometimes, you’ll sing through a piece from beginning to end, but more often, you must isolate problem spots within a piece and work on them, always remembering to “put the music back together” at the end. Practice time should be interruption-free (i.e., no phone calls, TV, computer, etc.). 

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit”. Aristotle

Attendance: You are expected to arrive at your lesson on time and warmed-up/ prepared if possible. Your lesson time will not be extended because you are late.

If you know you have a conflict with a specific lesson coming up, let me know as soon as possible. The amount of notice given and the reason for missing the class will determine whether you are charged for it. If your lesson starts late due to the teacher running behind with students, your full lesson time will be given to you either that week or the next.

Make-up Lessons: You will be charged if I am not notified about a missed lesson. If I must miss a lesson, a make-up will be offered. Please give a minimum of 24-hour notice to reschedule or cancel. Availability is limited; someone else might be able to use your time if you cannot. The teacher is not obligated to make up canceled lessons, but every effort will be made if time allows. NOTE: Makeup lessons are not lesson credits.

COVID-19/Illness Policy: If the student is ill/not feeling well, that student should not attend the lesson in person. The lesson can take place online or will count as a missed lesson. I reserve the right to send a student home if they arrive ill and/or are contagious to others.

If the student (or a family member) has tested positive for COVID-19, or has been in direct contact with someone who tested positive, the student should have their lesson(s) online until it is safe to resume in-person lessons.

If I am unable to teach in-person lessons due to heath reasons, virtual lessons will be offered. Lessons will not be rescheduled, refunded or credited due to switching to a virtual format.

Discontinuing lessons: Every student stops taking lessons at some point and it is important lessons culminate positively. Please provide one month’s notice prior to the 9th of the month to discontinue lessons. When you give notice, you will have one more month of instruction. If you decide not to take the last month of instruction, there are no refunds but lesson credit can be held for 6 months.

Summer Schedule:

Skip 3, attend 7, or double up. You may skip two lessons. I may skip one for my vacation TBD. This is a summer special valid from the last week of May- 1st week of August.

To reserve your day and time, you must pay for August lessons by August 1. I will remove any unpaid students and open the schedule for new students after this date. 

Accompanist: Piano accompaniment is not provided. Students may find their own or work with me to find a backing track.

Student’s Responsibility to the Teacher:

  1. Be prepared for each lesson. Practice the material you have been assigned to work on.
  2. Follow absenteeism guidelines. (Appropriate notice.)
  3. Take notes via a notebook or electronic device (phone, tablet, etc.) This is also helpful to keep a record of new ideas, songs, and assignments.
  4. Send digitally or provide a hard copy of any sheet music you use.
  5. It’s recommended you utilize a method to record lessons. Your phone, tablet, or laptop works fine. The recording will be reviewed during the week to assist with practicing and learning new music, warm-ups, and techniques.

Recitals and Performances: 

I often schedule recitals. All students perform their songs by memory in front of an audience of family, friends, and other students in a nurturing and non-judgemental environment. 

The recital will include a mix of classical, folk, pop, and musical theatre selections with various accompaniments using piano and/or guitar or an appropriate music track. Students who can sing or play an instrument are encouraged to do both.  

*Please note, parking for the home studio is on the street, so homeowners have access to the driveway. 

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