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Voice Lessons and Singing Lessons in Roswell, GA and North Atlanta - LaurelanneLaurelanne

4.8 Stars - Based on 21 User Reviews

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Voice Lessons and Singing Lessons in Roswell, GA and North Atlanta - LaurelanneLaurelanne

5 Stars - Based on 4 User Reviews

Voice Lessons and Singing Lessons in Roswell, GA and North Atlanta - LaurelanneLaurelanne

4.9 Stars - Based on 37 User Reviews

Abby LarsonAbby Larson

I've been singing since I was 10 but finally decided to get serious about it. I've tried several teachers but Laurelanne has been the best hands down! I love that she's worked in radio and she shares my passion for pop music.

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Jennifer DarnellJennifer Darnell

Laurelanne is an amazing voice teacher but the most impressive thing to me is she relates to me, and I to her. She knows my music - both what I listen to and what I want to sing.

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Krystal MartinezKrystal Martinez

Only been going for a couple of months now but I am already very happy with the results. Laurelanne has been amazing, always supportive but ready to ensure I don't slack off. LOVE her studio!

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Christian Jamar-Malik PearsonChristian Jamar-Malik Pearson

Laurelanne is an amazing and gifted teacher! She is patient and encouraging and she knows what she's doing. I've learned so much and my voice is in way better shape than when I first started with her! She works with all levels of experience and a range of ages!
I highly recommend Laurelanne!
If you're looking for an amazing coach and teacher, you can't go wrong with Laurelanne!

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FiFi CFiFi C

My experience has great! I have always wanted to learn to sing. Mrs.Laurelanne has taught many techniques and exercises in learning to sing. She is an extremely knowledgeable vocal coach. I started off not knowing anything about singing, now I have more confidence and I can sing a lot better than when I started.

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Lindsey KnowlesLindsey Knowles

I have been going to Laurellanne for about two years now and she has helped me grow so much as a singer. She’s taught me healthy technique and fostered my confidence. I couldn’t recommend her more.

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Julian BonisJulian Bonis

She is an amazing voice teacher and helps you sing with whatever type of music you want. (Pop, Country, Blues, Classical, Opera, Soul, Etc...) You can view her website at Lauerlanne.com. Definitely worth calling and having voice lessons with her!

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Christy PadgettChristy Padgett

Laurel’s vocal technique is beyond AMAZING! If you’re in need of belting out your songs the way they were intended to without hurting your voice then she’s the coach you need.

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Ebony LoveEbony Love

Laurelanne is a phenomenal teacher! She makes her lessons fun and tailored to your goals. Not only am I learning how to retrain my voice in my 30s, but I'm also learning a lot about myself in the process. I'm so happy I found her!

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Ronald Douglas ChinRonald Douglas Chin

Laurel is a great coach in helping you express your voice! I highly recommend you to call ☎️ and make an appointment with her and let your songs be heard!!!

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Samia PellizzariSamia Pellizzari

My daughter started taking voice lessons with Laurelanne during Covid virtual, and she was always very professional, helpful and patient. She gave my daughter a lot of confidence and is still working with her to improve her singing voice. She is great!!

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Ebony Sowell-FranklinEbony Sowell-Franklin

Laurelanne is a  colleague and fellow vocal coach. She is very passionate and professional about about music and teaching. I highly recommend her teaching.

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Tania BarrosoTania Barroso

My 8 year old daughter has been taking lessons with Laurelanne for about 6 months or more now. Laurelanne has been great with her. Her confidence singing has improved. She has learned proper techniques and warm up exercises which she didn’t get with her previous instructor. We have been very pleased so far!

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Reviewer Q.

I'm a student singer with Laurelanne and she’s great! Her prices are affordable and I’m able to customize my lessons to fit by busy schedule!

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Fiona CurryFiona Curry

Mrs.Laurelanne is a great vocal coach! When I first started vocal lessons with her I had no idea about singing, but I knew I wanted to learn to sing. It’s been a year since I started taking lessons and I am better at singing than when I first started. I highly recommend her for anyone who wants to learn how to sing.

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Haley MetzgerHaley Metzger

I started lessons with Laurelanne about four years ago. I was in high school chior but looking to get a different perspective and improve my skills. I also needed someone who was willing to navigate some special needs. Laurelanne Is Amazing! she has high expectations while keeping in mind my limitations. She is also extremely willing to communicate with my support systems to make sure I get the most out of our lessons. Not to mention her incredible talent passion and knowledge behind her coaching We work hard while having a ton of fun. Highly recommend!

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Dena MidaniDena Midani

I’ve been a student of Laurelanne’s for 7 years now and I honestly couldn’t have a better vocal coach than her. She really accommodates to what her students ranges are. She is the best teacher and I highly recommend her to anyone who is interested in singing lessons. Even if you’ve never sang a day in your life she will always be able to find something that works best for you.

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Laura O.Laura O.

I took vocal lessons with Laurelanne for a year. Overall the entire experience was awesome. I started lessons with her when I was 25, and although I had... Read More

Missy H.Missy H.

I didn't start vocal lessons until 59 years old. Was always terrified of singing. I've been taking lessons from Laurelanne for over a year now and I can't... Read More

Millie L.Millie L.

I found Laurelanne while I was going through some difficulties in life. Not only has she given me the confidence to sing aloud in front of people, she gave... Read More

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