Your Lessons, Online!

Online voice lessons are a convenient way to schedule time for instruction, whether you’re next door, across town, or around the world!

While in-person lessons are still the most effective, the advantages that technology provides in flexibility and convenience make online lessons a very compelling option. If logistics and scheduling have been a challenge, online voice lessons deserves are an effective option.

A virtual voice lesson has the same requirements as an in-person lesson. You will need to be able to stand tall and be seen and heard by your instructor.

Please make sure you are in a quiet place away from distractions and unnecessary noise. A moving car or noisy room probably isn’t the best for example but a parked car where you can sit tall would be ok. A quiet place where you can stand tall and access your materials and devices is always best.

Recommended Applications For Virtual Lessons

  • Face Time – Requires an Apple Device.
  • Facebook MessengerClick here, search ‘Laurelanne Townsend Davis’
  • Google MEETClick here,

Equipment Needed

Depending on the application, a laptop and/or desktop computer with audio and video capabilities, a smart phone or tablet, along with a decent internet connection. If this is not possible, we can do a lesson just by phone/audio only but I won’t be able to see you to make corrections.

Some voice lesson students choose to buy an external microphone that’s designed for singing, but this is optional.

I recommend using a headset, earbuds, AirPods etc. but it is not absolutely necessary.

Please let me know your preferred method (s) ahead of time and know your password/passcode and be logged in BEFORE your lesson start time if required

ALWAYS message or text me when you are ready and I will call you or join the lesson. DO NOT just call me! I may be finishing a lesson. Please allow a few extra minutes if there is a delay or technical issues. I will always do my best to give you your full time or add time to a future lesson if there is an issue beyond our control.

It is recommended you have a second device to play your tracks and view your music on so I can see and hear you and your music.

(You can use your smartphone, tablet, computer, iPod, CD, MP3, piano, guitar or anything else you want to use for your lesson)

 test your microphone and video capabilities before the call. Sometimes they can be turned off, disconnected etc.

What to Expect

There will be a delay online so you will be required to que up your own tracks and videos. Please send me a .pdf or photos of any sheet music or materials I would need to view on my end. Be prepared to record your lesson or take notes. There is a delay so I will play and then have you sing your exercises.

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