Laurelanne: In-Person Guidelines

1. On arrival, please follow the stepping stones and steps leading down to the back studio door. Remember to close the gate behind you to help keep Flash safe.

2. Students may invite others into their lessons, but space is limited. Guests and family may wait in the lobby.

3. Students may wait in the lobby before their lesson. We’ve made this space welcoming with comfortable seating, reading material, and a flatscreen TV streaming the best music videos of the last 40 years. Students and guests are NOT permitted to adjust the volume or programming of the TV monitor.

4. Our studio opens 10 minutes before the day’s first lesson. If you are very early, text me that you are here. When the studio is open, you may enter.

5. There is a bathroom available. Paper towels and soap will be provided, and the bathroom will be sanitized frequently as needed. Water is also available in the kitchen.

6. We follow CDC guidelines at all times. DO NOT COME for an in-person lesson if you have a fever or are exhibiting ANY signs of illness out of the ordinary. I am happy to provide you with a virtual lesson if there is any possibility you could be sick.

7. Please give proper notice if you need to change your lesson from in-person to virtual. It will take me time to prepare the studio space to switch for in-person or virtual. If I am waiting for you in person, I will not be looking for you virtually.

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