Laurelanne: COVID 19 Guidelines

1. On arrival, please follow the stepping stones and steps leading down to the back studio door. The gate must be closed behind you to help keep Flash safe.

2. Only students will be allowed in the studio for a one on one lesson. No guests or family are permitted at this time unless you have minor children. In those cases, one other person can accompany the student.

3. Only 1 student may wait in the waiting room at a time. We’ve made this space welcoming with comfortable seating, reading material, and a flatscreen TV streaming the best music videos of the last 40 years. However, no guests or family are permitted in the waiting room at this time unless you’re accompanying a minor student.

4. Please do not come inside to wait more than 10 minutes before your lesson. If you are very early, please wait in the car and text me that you are here.

5. There is a bathroom available for use when necessary. Paper towels and soap will be provided and the bathroom will be sanitized frequently as needed.

6. Please immediately sanitize your hand upon entering. There will be hand sanitizer provided.

We expect these rules to be relaxed by midsummer pending the continued progress being made against Covid-19.

Before You Come:

1. Please check your temperature before coming. I may or may not require a temperature check before your lesson starts.

2. DO NOT COME for an in-person lesson if you have a fever or are exhibiting ANY signs of illness out of the ordinary. I am happy to provide you with a virtual lesson if there is any possibility you could be sick.

You may have COVID-19 if you have:

Fever or chills.
A cough.
Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing.
Muscle or body aches.
Sore throat.
Loss of taste or smell.
Congestion or runny nose.
Nausea or vomiting.
Symptoms may be mild to severe and may appear two to 14 days after exposure to the virus.

3. Do NOT schedule an in-person lesson if you have recently traveled anywhere out of state or out of the country or have attended a large event or think you may have been exposed to Covid-19.

4. All original lesson policies are in place as far as attendance, reschedules and cancelations, etc. Please arrive on time, ready to work.

5. Please give proper notice if you need to change your lesson from in-person to virtual. It will take me time to prepare the studio space to switch for in-person or virtual. If I am waiting for you in person, I will not be looking for you virtually.

6. Please bring or electronically send me any sheet music or tracks we might need. We will not be able to share sheet music. I will have electronic devices to view materials on but be prepared to use your own if you have it as a backup.

7. We will maintain a distance of 9 feet while singing.

8. If you are unvaccinated a facemask is required. Facemasks are optional for vaccinated students and can be requested. Any face mask worn must have a see-through part. I may purchase some to try out.

9. I will be sanitizing between in-person lessons and spacing lessons apart to allow for proper air circulation/cleaning.

10. There will be open windows, ceiling fans, and air purifiers for proper ventilation.

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